Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Recent Favorites 1.22.16

I've had a long break from blogging for no reason so I don't have any explanation but I'm just going to jump back into it as if nothing ever happened. I'm still alive and I still wear makeup. I thought I would share some recent favorites with you all because why the heck not?

I'm once again really into piling loads of things onto my cheeks. I'm talking contour, bronzer, blush, highlighter... the whole situation. And one of my new favorite things to create that kind of cheek situation is the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit, which has three powders (I would say one is an all-over powder and the two others are highlights), two blushers and one bronzer. It is absolutely beautiful and I use every single powder in there which means it's really worth splurging on. Although granted I got it for Christmas so who am I to say that... I have also particularly been loving the theBalm Mary Lou Manizer highlighter recently. I've written about this before but it's just the best. It works really well on super pale skin. I went to Sephora recently and bought the Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer to replace my old bronzer which smashed *sad face* because I had heard it's really pretty on paler skintones and it really is. It's buildable but it's not too pigmented so if you like a natural look then this one is for you (providing you're fairly pale).

Another thing I bought on that trip to Sephora is the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara. A lot of people say this is good but not necessary but as someone who wears mascara on their bottom lashes most days I would say it's 100% worth getting if you do too. It just looks so much better and it doesn't smudge. I've also been liking the Charlotte Tilbury Brow Pencil in Grace K because the color goes well with my blonde hair and it's really quick and easy to use. It also doesn't smudge in the gym and it comes with a nice brush on one end and a powder highlight which I occasionally use (if I remember). The final product is an oldie that I have gone back to and it's a NARS Eyeshadow Duo in Cordura. Both shades have a golden shimmer running through and blend really beautifully. I like to wear the darker shades along my upper lashline over a gel liner to soften it. 

What makeup have you been loving recently?

Friday, 2 October 2015

Obsessed With #13: MAC Velvet Teddy + MAC Whirl

For the last year or so I have been all about fairly pale nude lipsticks but I do like the odd darker lip from time to time in the colder months. My friend had MAC Velvet Teddy and I thought I would just try it on because I fancied trying a more brown nude and I quickly became a bit obsessed with it. I'm not going to lie, I do love a bit of a Kylie Jenner makeup lewk and I think this lipstick combined with my new lip liner (MAC Whirl) is a winning combo. 

I'm really not into buying makeup at the moment, I'm trying to use things up, give things away and I've only really been buying makeup when I've run out of something and it needs replacing. However, as I said I fancied a browny nude and I had tried Velvet Teddy so I kind of needed to get my own instead of constantly stealing my friend's (right?). I got Whirl to go with it because although it is supposed to be a bit rose toned I just find it to be a straight up nude brown on me, similar to Velvet Teddy. I like to overdraw my lips a bit so I do like a matching lip liner if possible. I don't think I have ever owned a Matte MAC lipstick and I have heard that some of the red shades can be way too dry in formula but I find this pretty comfortable to wear and it still has a bit of slip.

I've been wearing this with golden or brown eye looks with brown gel liner. This might be a bit full on for some people but I love love love.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Recent Favorites 9.15.15

I don't know why it has taken me over a month to just sit down and write a post but it has so hello everyone, please don't forget I still exist! I thought I'd drop by and talk about a few products I have been liking recently so here we go...

I haven't worn classic nail polish in months and I applied Essie Petal Pushers the other day and I honestly think it is one of the most beautiful nail shades. It's a really interesting slate grey/blue shade and I think it looks nice with my pale skin tone. I feel like it was part of a collection but I found it on amazon when I looked it up so you can still get it if that is the case.

I'm all about that base (base, base, base, base, buttery biscuit base [put your hands in the air if you get this reference]) and although the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation has my heart, I guess this new guy is kind of my side boi. It's the L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation, which I really wish I had acquired sooner because it would've been great during the sweaty summer months but oh well I'm glad we've met now rather than never. I have two shades that I mix together: 101 Classic Ivory and 102 Shell Beige but I think 101 Classic Ivory will be great when I hit peak paleness come November time. This foundation supposedly has a demi-matte finish, 24 hour wear, medium coverage and an air-light texture. I can say that the texture, finish and coverage are all what it claims to be and that the wear is pretty good. In fact I think I did actually wear it for 24 hours when I flew from New York to London and missed out on a night's sleep. It also makes my skin look way more smooth and flawless than it actually is and it doesn't need powdering. I've been using with it the Beauty Blender, which I got recently in Sephora and I am totally converted. I used to think it seemed like a dumb way of applying foundation when you can just use a brush but honestly it's great because it doesn't disturb whatever is under your foundation because you're not rubbing your foundation in. It also somehow doesn't look cakey and I don't know if that has something to do with the fact that you wet the sponge first... not sure. It really makes your foundation look like it was airbrushed on.

I've also still been obsessed with the L'Oréal Paris Infallible Lacquer Liner in Espresso, which is my absolute favorite liner of all time. I prefer a dark brown liner because it looks a bit less harsh than black but it doesn't have any shimmer in it and it is still really opaque. It doesn't wear off on me and it hasn't dried out and I've had it for over a year. Annoyingly, I don't think you can get this in the UK but maybe you can get it online. 

Last but not least is the L'Oréal Paris Brow Artist Plumper in Dark Brunette. I had the blonde version before but it just made my brow hairs look a bit yellowy so I much prefer this one, it actually works with my medium brown brows and it doesn't look too dark. I like that this keeps my brows in place while also adding a bit of thickness without making my brows feel crispy.

I will be back with more regular posts from now on. Promise.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Recent Favorites 7.17.15

What's hip hop happenin', kids? I'm back with another 'Recent Favorites' post featuring a cute picture of messy swatches on a transparent dying hand ft. several blue veins... enjoy!!

The first thing I'm going to rave about it the big-ass swatch on the left which is kind of a rediscovery for me because I had left his product in the South of France and only found it again in April. It is The Body Shop Cheek Colour in '12' which UGH I'm just going to get out the way because I can't find it on their website. I don't know if maybe you can find it somewhere else online like on eBay or something but if not that's a real bummer because it's beautiful. It's an orangey apricot blush with subtle gold shimmer and it blends so beautifully and looks really brightening. There we go, it's over. I'm done. 

I've also been loving my Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation, which I have written about in *this post* in more detail so I won't repeat myself. Just know that it is still a firm favorite of mine, especially over the last couple of weeks or so. Next up, we have a hair product (a rare feature on this blawg) and that is the L'Oréal Professional Mythic Oil. I find it difficult to explain why I like a hair product but I will try my best. I've been using hair oils since they became a real thing maybe five or six years ago (maybe longer?) and I like to use this one on towel dry hair before I blow dry it. It helps keep the frizz at bay and makes my hair feel a bit less straw-like. Another favorite is the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara, which I wrote about very recently so click here for that. But basically it's my first venture into waterproof mascara and it's a good'un.

Last but certainly not least - the Kevyn Aucoin The Contour Book The Art of Sculpting + Defining, which I use on a daily basis for the contour powder and number 6 shade for my brows. It is just such a useful, multipurpose palette because you can use it for contouring, for your eyes and your eyebrows, so it would be really good to take on vacation. There isn't a single shade in there that I don't use. Love. It.

Until next time folks *kissy face* or *sleazy wink face* - you decide.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Review: Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof

Apologies that I don't have any pictures of my lashes but I honestly can't get a picture of my lashes without it looking too dark, too blurry, too ridiculous... and in a normal selfie you just can't really see them so that is pointless. Apology out the way, I wanted to do a review on the Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof mascara because it is the mascara I am using at the moment. 

I am pretty sure that this is the first waterproof mascara I have owned since I was a teenager. I didn't want one before because I thought they were a pain to remove (which I still think) and I just never really felt like I needed one. I'm still not totally convinced I need my mascara to be waterproof but it is getting pretty sweaty in London so the waterproof aspect might come in handy after all. I'll start off the review by saying I really do like this mascara because it is the only mascara I have ever used that noticeably holds a curl. I didn't think this was something I particularly cared about but then what it is the point in curling my lashes everyday if they're only going to stay curled for a few seconds, Annie? I'm also into big volume when it comes to my lashes and I feel like this one does give really good volume without clumping all my lashes together so that I'm left with three fat spider legs. It also gives really great length and it works well on the bottom lashes too. 

My one problem with this mascara is that it somehow really dries my eyes out. I think that the waterproof situation doing that so I'm not sure if the regular one would do the same thing. I also find it pretty annoying to remove but not annoying enough for me to stop using it.

All in all, I really recommend this mascara for annoying looking particularly for volume and a mascara that holds a curl. But if you're anything like me, be prepared with eyedrops during the day and a strong oil cleanser when you're trying to remove this...

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Budget Brows with Maybelline Brow Satin

I feel like I'm constantly using up eyebrow pencils and now that my Tarte Brow Pencil is on its last legs, I thought I would go for a more budget option. I think it takes me about a month and a half to go through a twist-up eyebrow pencil, so my usual high-end eyebrow pencil purchases do add up... Please refer to me as #BudgetAnnie while I'm trying to be a bit more frugal. Thanks. So I picked up the Maybelline Brow Satin in 'Dark Blonde' just yesterday so this is basically a first impressions post...

I'm going to start with the initial thing that bothers me a little bit about this product and that is the fact that there is no spoolie because one end has the pencil and the other has a powder ft. applicator sponge. I guess they could've added a little brush onto the exterior of one of the lids but oh well, I'm not that into the brush things anyway. So spoolie situ aside, I do think that compared to a lot of the other brow offerings in the drugstore, this isn't terrible. I think the Soap & Glory Brow Archery 2-in-1 is pretty good as well but the colors don't really work for me so I wasn't interested in repurchasing that one.

The 'Dark Blonde' shade I chose is pretty ashy and it works fine on me, it's maybe slightly light and ever so slightly warm but it's still very ashy by drugstore standards. I do feel like the nib of the pencil could be just that little bit finer to make it easier to draw on hair-like strokes. I quite like the powder side because it means you can apply product to the front of the brows without making it look too harsh and drawn on.

Overall? I'm not totally obsessed but I do like it. It's pretty good for £5.99 if you're looking for a more drugstore budget brow option.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Deep Cleansing Duo

I mentioned in my last post that I now have oily skin. For a while I was still using skincare for drier skin types because that's what I was used to using and still thought I should. Now that I have sadly accepted that my skin isn't who I thought it was (it's not you, it's me etc), I have learned that I need to deep clean my skin to stop clogging issues. These are the two deep cleansing products that I have been using and enjoying recently.

I was in New York in March and I started going to a place called Skin Laundry (I went three times), which offers a quick ten/fifteen minute laser facial. I think I'm going to eventually do a separate post on that so STAY TOONED. Anyway, I was at Skin Laundry and I use a Clarisonic so I wanted a cleanser that I could use with the Clarisonic because I didn't like the one I was using at the time. They recommended me the Skin Laundry Extra Deep Cleanser for normal to oily skin ($25), which I really like. It has a gel texture and it works really well with the Clarisonic because it doesn't go super foamy but it also doesn't just disappear on the skin because you do need a bit of slip when using the Clarisonic. What I noticed about this, is that it immediately brings anything in pores/below the skin up to the surface - which seems gross but it means it really is deep cleaning and removing that dirt. 

A similar product (in that it's a gel and it brings everything up to the surface) is the Freeze 24/7 Skin Glacé Daily Detoxifying Cleanser & Mask* (£40 £36). You can either use this like a normal cleanser and it turns from a green gel into a lather or you can apply it evenly over your face on dry or damp skin and leave it on for a minute or two. The mask method gives a really bizarre sensation because you can feel it turn into a foam and bubbles popping on your skin - it tickles a bit. Essentially it gives your skin a similar kind of clean feeling as the Skin Laundry cleanser doesm but it doubles up as a mask, which I think is pretty cool. 

I alternate the two of them and I use them after I have Bioderma'd my face off, then used an oil cleanser to fully remove my makeup. So yes, I double cleanse. I don't always do this, sometimes I am too lazy but if I have time/can be bothered that's what I tend to do. I find that if I properly clean my face before using a deep cleanser, then there isn't any makeup in the way stopping the product from really penetrating (meow) those pores. 

*this is a PR sample (I did not pay for it) that I got through my last work experience but it was NOT sent to me for review

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